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SWIFT Microwave Wart Treatment

Plantar Warts

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts known as verrucae pedis, are often seen on the weight-bearing surface of the feet, though they can be seen anywhere on the feet. People generally contract them by going barefoot in public areas (i.e swimming pools, change room / locker rooms, public showers, gyms, etc.). Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). There are at least 60 different subtypes of HPV causing warts to vary in shape, size, location and presentations. Their viral nature makes them very difficult to kill and get rid off.

Warts can appear on anyone at any age. On the feet, they generally start off as a small spot and can gradually grow. If left untreated, they can begin to spread throughout the feet and can even spread to other family members. They are commonly mistaken for corns and calluses on the feet as warts can have similar appearances and presentations. Although warts may feel like they are very deep in the foot, they mainly reside on the upper layer of the skin.

There is no gold standard for wart treatments. As such, there are various treatment options that range from a more conservative approach to a more invasive approach.

If you suspect you may have a plantar wart it is best to seek treatment immediately for better prognosis and to prevent it from spreading.

Plantar Warts

SWIFT Technology

The SWIFT device is a novel machine used to treat wart lesions. It uses microwave energy to treat the affected tissue. Each treatment session only last a few seconds. No local anesthetic is required and no surgical bandages/dressings are needed after treatment. Patients are able to resume daily activities after treatment.

How Does it Work?

SWIFT uses microwave energy that is delivered through a probe applied to the skin to treat the warts. Microwave treatment has been in clinical use for over 30 years to treat lesions and various cancers. It delivers low level electromagnetic energy that does not cause DNA damage, but rather, causes water molecules to collide, creating friction and localized heat energy. It delivers less energy into the skin compared to laser and electrocautery treatments. The SWIFT device ensures microwaves travel in a straight line, accurately targeting the affected tissue and leaving the healthy tissue undamaged

Plantar Wart
Plantar Wart

What to Expect:

Patients can expect to feel some discomfort, however it generally subsides after treatment. Patients may feel a sharp heat, though the benefit with the SWFIT device is no hazardous smoke, plumes, or smell is generated. In some cases the treated area may feel sore, but should not limit day-to-day activities.

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Plantar Warts
Foot Warts


In the before picture we can see the presence of warts on the 1st and 2nd toe. After several attempts with applying acid creams, the patient did not see any results. After zapping the warts with the SWIFT device, we can see that the warts have completely disappeared. No bandages or time off the foot was required throughout the treatments.

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