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Shockwave Therapy

Foot clinic

If you are suffering from chronic heel pain or Achilles tendon pain, shockwave therapy may be indicated for you. Shockwave therapy is the latest form of treatment modality to help get rid of unbearable foot pain that is limiting you from enjoying your day to day activities.

Foot clinic

Plantar heel pain commonly known as plantar fasciopathy often present with unbearable pain with first step in the morning or after sitting down for a prolonged period of time and standing back up again. This pain can occur due to overuse of the plantar fascia (soft tissue band), which results in pain at its origin on the heel bone.

The Swiss DolorClast shockwave machine has been clinically proven through many randomized control trial studies to help get rid of chronic pain in the feet. It has been successfully used in professional sports and orthopaedic practices. It is a form of noninvasive treatment (no injections, no surgeries) that delivers acoustic pressure waves to treat pain. 


To learn more about how it works watch the video below:

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